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Käri Jorgensen: Bio

Oh WOW…where to start…I’ve come along way from my 1st self produced "folk" album in 2006.                   Maybe I’m dating myself by calling it an album.  But its an album to me.

First and foremost, I’m a songwriter, but…I love to sing and perform as well, but don't get out as much as I'd like and...many venues do not pay. Musicians deserve to be paid!!!(Period) I hope to be in on the changing of that!!  Also working towards the success of my songs get chosen for media!!!  Its such a new and different world in music now. 

I am enjoying recording my 2nd album with Bob e Burnham who is the producer and arranger.  We’re just finishing the 4th song.  The musical genre has evolved from “Folk” towards a more “Pop” sound. 

Its a new genre that I like to call MetaPop. A metaphysical journey of thought provoking lyrics and music,     going beyond (meta) the “norm". Orchestral, Symphonic, Electric and acoustic guitar, drums, and percussion,       I Love all the orchestration!!!

I am now joined by 2 other players along with Kittye Bright, back up and percussion; Brian Englebardt on bass and guitar, Rob Ousley on guitar and bass.  Love these folks!! We have fun and enjoy the music and lyrical content!!

I’ve been residing in the Boulder area now for 7yrs…My how time flies, huh?
I really want to be part of the “Wake Up” process in the human race!!!  I feel I’ve come here for that purpose.  And…I sometimes (well always) wonder if the “1%” is even part of the human race…??? 

Here we go into the wild blue yonder of 2016!!!