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Käri Jorgensen: Listen & Lyrics

Pushing Me Away

(Käri - The Zen Cowgirls)
Käri Jorgensen & Bobby John Henry
On this autumn day, colors of love are falling away
Revealing demons from your past
Sealing the spell they have cast
Maybe you don’t know you’re Pushing Me Away
Maybe your demons have the final say
I’m not the answer to your childhood cries
All I can do is help dry your eyes………


You’re Pushing Me Away
Like a leaf before the wind
Up and down and back again
Pushing Me Away
You’re emotional storms begin………

Autumn winds will race
I feel that change blow across my face
September sings through the trees
About how love sets you free
Maybe this season will carry us from here
Maybe you’re demons will disappear
My place is not to fight the ghosts from you’re past
I’m in a battle that I’m losing fast……….