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Käri Jorgensen: Listen & Lyrics


(Käri Jorgensen)
February 11, 2012
Kevin Fisher

My good friend Rick Vito produced this with me back when I lived in Nashville.

The air is cooling and the sun's going down

the day's been grueling in this dusty old town

my body's aching for what you do to me

Tenderly Tenderly

tenderly Tenderly

The words are easy when the language is love

you know exactly what I'm thinking of

my heart is hungry for what you do to me

Tenderly Tenderly

Tenderly Tenderly


I've had lovers go up in flames

been with others who had no names

God I've waited patiently

for someone who really touches me


I feel your fingers and their touch is like fire

sensations linger then they turn to desire

you make a motion and babe I agree

Tenderly Tenderly

Tenderly Tenderly