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Käri Jorgensen: Listen & Lyrics

Aged to Perfection

(Käri - The Zen Cowgirls)
Yesterday innocent intentions
lead an empty life
focusing in on one direction
with glitter in my eyes
my heart dreamt higher dimensions
while my mind told me lies
desperate for some kinda satisfaction
before time left my side


But now my attentions paid
I’m in the shade
I’m Aged to Perfection
Its just like find wine
in its prime
I’m Aged to Perfection

Feeding the ego constant attention
only keeps it alive
to measure my worth in comparison
to other peoples lives
no more excuses, life’s just on my side
and I see me in the perfect reflection
of an ageless paradigm


If I spend my energy focused on the enemy
There’s a good chance that will become the end of me
But when I focus o what I wanna see
That’s always a good beginning